Milano Malpensa

Parking map at Milan Malpensa airport Parking map at Milan Malpensa airport P1 Long Term P2 Executive Genius Top Car P3 Express P4 Holiday P5 Easy
P1 Long Term

The P1 car park is designed to give an effective service at the lowest price for those leaving for a vacation or business trip and stop over 7 days.

  • 1,200 parking spaces
  • uncovered parking
  • over 7 days stops


P2 Executive

The P2 Executive is the most exclusive and convenient parking in Milano Malpensa dedicated to demanding customers or business that does not have to miss a minute of his time. Inside the park there are already lifts that will take you in a few seconds to the check-in.

  • 2,700 parking spaces
  • covered parking
  • immediate access to the check-in area

P2 Genius, dedicated to long stops, with over 400 seats located on the -4 floor.

  • 500 parking spaces
  • covered parking
  • 2 minutes to the check-in area
Top Car

Top Car, an entire area reserved for maximum security with dedicated input, 130 places available for increasingly large luxury cars and direct access to the check-in

  • 130 parking spaces
  • covered parking
  • immediate access to the check-in area
P3 Express

P3 Express is the parking lot adjacent to the terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa and offers more than 1,600 parking places.

  • 1,600 parking spaces
  • uncovered parking
  • 3-minute walk from the terminal
P4 Holiday

The P4 Long-Term is the perfect combination of loan and costs thanks to its 1,200 parking places, and attach directly covered the terminal. The car park P4 is dedicated to vacationers and has been chosen by the most famous Italian Tour Operators.

  • 1,200 parking spaces
  • uncovered parking
  • 4 minutes walk from the terminal
P5 Easy

The P5 Easy parking is in Milano Malpensa Airport Terminal 2. Low cost flight? Parking P5 offers you an additional discount of 10%.
Park in P5 also if you fly from Milano Malpensa Terminal 1; every 7 minutes shuttle is available inside the airport in less than 3 minutes will take you to the terminal 1. The stops are adjacent to the parking.

  • 3000 parking spaces
  • uncovered parking
  • the closest  to Terminal 2
P6 Smart
Speed and convenience, 2,000 uncovered parking spaces accessible directly from the SS336 and the payment service via Telepass. Free shuttle service to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
  • 2,000 parking spaces
  • outdoor parking
  • telepass service



  • Milano Malpensa

    Malpensa Airport accomodates over 9,000 cars in 5 categories of car park(P1 LONG TERM, P2 EXECUTIVE, P3 EXPRESS, P4 HOLIDAY, P5 EASY and P6 SMART) partly indoor and partly outdoor, to satisfy all your needs.

    Inside Malpensa airport there are different types of parking depending on the needs of each customer:
    • P1 Long Term Malpensa
      • 1200PARKINGS
    • P2 Executive Malpensa
      • 2700PARKINGS
      • COVERED
    • P2 Genius Covered Malpensa
      • 500PARKINGS
      • COVERED
    • P3 Express Malpensa
      • 1600PARKINGS
    • P4 Holiday Malpensa
      • 1200PARKINGS
    • P5 Easy Malpensa
      • 3000PARKINGS
    • P6 Smart Uncovered Malpensa
      • 3700PARKINGS
    P1 Long Term MalpensaP2 Executive MalpensaP2 Genius Covered MalpensaP3 Express MalpensaP4 Holiday MalpensaP5 Easy MalpensaP6 Smart Uncovered Malpensa
    DISTANCE FROM THE AIRPORT4 minutes walk from the terminalimmediate access to check-in area2 minutes walk from the check-in area3 minutes walk from the terminal4 minutes walk from the terminal2 minutes walk from terminal 2

    Only with ViaMilano Parking you can park you car inside Milano Malpensa airport and take advantage of all the services and benefits such as:
    • You are already in the airport

      You are already in the airport

      You can save time because you are just a short walk from the terminal.

    • 24-hour assistance, every day of the year

      24-hour assistance, every day of the year

      You will find specialised personnel ready to help you at any time.

    •  Take your keys with you

      Take your keys with you

      Park your car conveniently at the airport, lock your car and take your keys with you.

    • Easy payment

      Easy payment

      Park, depart and, when you fly back, you can pay in cash, by cash card or by credit card.

    • 14,000 parking spaces, 9 types of car park

      14,000 parking spaces, 9 types of car park

      You can always find a parking place at an advantageous price to suit all your needs.

    • No high-season price increases

      No high-season price increases

      Parking charges remain the same even in the periods of the year when there is most demand.

    • Car transfer service

      Car transfer service

      If you take off (or land) from Malpensa or Linate,  your car will be taken to the airport where you land.

    • Telepass Service

      Telepass Service

      You can use your Telepass (electronic motorway toll collection) device to enter the car parks. Save time and pay at the end of the month.

    • Special agreements and discounts

      Special agreements and discounts

      Ask your travel agent about special agreements, discounts and season tickets available to you.

    • Purchase on line

      Purchase on line

      There are discounts and exclusive promotions if you purchase on line.

    • Always open

      Always open

      Our car parks are always open: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.