• If I arrive at the airport by car, where can I park?

    Malpensa Terminal 1:

    • P1 LONG TERM: Devised to give an effective service at the lowest price for customers parking for at least 2 days;
    • P2 EXECUTIVE: Offering comfort and an excellent service for customers' cars. Lifts provide direct access to Terminal 1;
    • P3 EXPRESS: This is the outdoor car park in front of Terminal 1;
    • P4 HOLIDAY: This option provides the perfect combination of convenience and cost.

    Malpensa Terminal 2:

    • P5 EASY: Easy to reach, it offers immediate access to Terminal 2, while there is a 24-hour shuttle service free of charge to Terminal 1;


    • P1 TOP CLASS: Offers immediate access to the check-in area, along a corridor located on the 2nd floor;
    • P2 EXECUTIVE: A convenient tunnel located on the 2nd floor provides easy access to the check-in area;
    • P2 HOLIDAY: This is the car park within the car park, in that it is situated on floors 5 and 6 of the P2 Executive car park.

    Bergamo Orio al Serio:

    • P2 Terminal A Sector Covered: 700 places in the vicinity of departure area;  
    • P2 Terminal B Sector Covered: 600 seats covered in 3 min from the terminal;
    • P2 Terminal  Uncovered:1,400 parking discovered 4 minutes walk from  departure area ;  
    • P3 SMART Covered: 150 seats covered about IKM from the terminal. Free Shuttle service to and from  the terminal ;  
    • P3 SMART discovered: 4,700 posts discovered about 1 km from the terminal.  Free Shuttle service  to and from  the terminal.

  • If I purchase a parking space on line, do I have an assigned space?
    Your parking space is guaranteed if you buy online, but it is not assigned a predetermined space.
  • What advantages are there when purchasing ViaMilano Parking facilities online?
    By purchasing online you will have the advantage of paying a discounted rate than standard and you will always have the place guaranteed.
  • What do I have to do to access a parking space purchased online?
    When you go to the airport, bring your e-ticket received after purchase bearing the alphanumeric PIN code of 6 digits. Once you arrived to the parking:
    1) enter the PIN on the keyboard to input column (if you are in Malpensa, enter the PIN and type ENTER);
    2) wait the issue of the ticket and bring it back into the parking lot;
    3) keep it carefully because it must enter in column out when you leave the parking lot.
  • What do I have to do to access the P2 Holiday car park at Linate Airport?
    The P2 Linate Holiday parking is located on the 5th and 6th floor of the car park P2 Executive (is a parking in the parking lot).
    Once arrived at the column inlet P2 Executive, type your PIN on the keypad and wait for the issuance of the ticket, collect it and access to the parking lot; continue on the ramp to the parking lot P2 Holiday (located from 5th floor), which will have to be reached within 15 minutes of issuing the ticket entrance of the P2 Executive; The bar's parking lot P2 Holiday introduce in the column the ticket collected at the entrance of the P2 Executive.
    Keep the ticket with care, since it'll need to enter the exit from the parking lot, both in the column of the car park P2 Holiday that the P2 Executive. Once you leave the car park P2 Holiday you'll have 15 minutes to exit the P2 Executive.
  • How can I reach the car park P3 Smart at Orio al Serio?
    At Bergamo motorway exit keep right and take the first exit towards Airport. Continue on the SS671 up to the exit to the airport, down the ramp, bear right and follow to the terminal. The P3 Smart is on the right.
  • Can I go to the parking space earlier than the time booked?
    You can access the car park bought up to 60 minutes before the scheduled booked.
  • Can I arrive later and/or leave earlier than the times booked?
    You can access to parking at any time after the time booked and also the output can be done at any time prior to the booked.
  • What happens if I leave the parking space booked purchased on line later than expected?
    At higher stop you will have to pay the difference to the manned exclusively with operator. The daily rate is calculated for periods of 24 hours; Therefore, you will need to pay extra only if it is for a longer duration than the 24-hour periods paid at the time of purchase.
    Example of booking: entrance day 08.16.2013 09.00 output day 08.18.2013 10.00. This reservation is valid until 09.00 am of 08.19.2013, therefore you pay the fee only if you exit the car park after 09.00 on the day 19.08.2013.
  • Can I book a parking space and enter using my Telepass?
    Reservations are not required, therefore, you can go directly to the airport and access to the parking lot using the lanes Telepass. If you choose to buy the car online remember not to be access through the Telepass lanes in order to avoid a double charge.
  • If I purchase a parking space at Malpensa Terminal 1, but my flight departs from Malpensa Terminal 2 (or vice versa), how can I get to the right Terminal?
    To move between the two terminals is operating a free shuttle service 24 hours on 24 with a frequency of about 7 minutes during the daytime and about 30 minutes during the night (from 22.45 to 5.45).
  • I am a companion, where can I park my car?

    At Malpensa Terminal 1, within the P1 SOSTA BREVE (short stops), it is possible to park 10 minutes for free, up to a maximum of 3 times a day. At Linate you can park to the P2 Executive.

    At Bergamo, within the P1, it is possible to park 10 minutes for free, up to a maximum of 3 times a day.

  • I am at the entrance to the car park and the PIN does give me access, what can I do?
    Contact the operator of parking, by pressing the appropriate button on this column.
  • If I use my TELEPASS to enter the car park when I have already purchased a parking space on line, how can I ask for cancellation of the payment?
    If the car is still in the car park, before leaving, went to manned with Telepass asking that the reset input. You'll have to prove to the cashier that you made a purchase on line showing the e-ticket.
  • Where are the manned cash desks located?

    In Milan Malpensa Terminal 1 the manned cash desks are located inside the terminal, arrivals level, close to the Door 6. The parking spaces that refer to this case are: P1 (covered), P2 (covered), P3 (discovered) , P4 (discovered).

    In Milan Malpensa Terminal 2 the manned cash desks are located inside the airport in the arrivals area. Parking referring to this case is the P5 discovered.

    In Milan Linate the manned cash desks are located inside the airport, at the arrivals level near the offices car. The parking spaces that refer to this case are: P1 (covered), P2 Executive (covered), P2 Holiday (discovered).

    In Bergamo Orio al Serio the manned cash desks are located inside the P1, near to the exits. The parking spaces that refer to this case are: P2 Terminal (areas covered A / B and discovered) and P3 Smart (area covered and uncovered). At the remote parking P3 Smart there is no manned.

  • Are there any car park access lanes reserved for online purchasers?
    Yes, there are entry lanes dedicated to online customers; But remember not to use the Telepass access lanes reserved to avoid a penalty.
  • Can cars fuelled by LPG or methane access your car parks?
    Yes, there is no limitation, in any parking both indoor and outdoor.
  • What are the opening hours of the parking?
    The car parks are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Can I take my car keys with me?
    Of course, except for shuttle services or car valet.
  • Does a parking space for a SUV cost the same as the one for a smaller car?
    Yes, for vehicles up to 5.5 meters it is the same rate applies.
  • Can I access you car parks with a camper or a van?
    The maximum height allowed in our covered and uncovered parking is 2.10 meters. In Bergamo Orio al Serio parking uncovered allow up to 3.10 meters (2 meters for covered ones), For vehicles with height superior, you should contact us in advance to 02/232323.
  • What kind of vehicle can access ViaMilano Parking facilities?
    The car parks of Milano Malpensa Terminal 1, Terminal 2 , Milano Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio well as cars and on motorcycles, they can access the buses carrying up to 9 people; They can not access bus or truck. The fees charged are identical to those of the car (except in cases of parking card for motorcycle)
  • Are there any special facilities in the airport parking areas for people with reduced mobility? Where are the car parks located? What is the envisaged procedure?

    The disabled passenger to take advantage of the right to free parking within areas delimited by bars, must be the holder of the mark.
    It is therefore not necessary to buy online or prior reservations.
    The parking lots at which use this law are as follows:
    - Linate: parking Recommended for location and accessibility are the P1 car park to the second floor, where you can also activate the free service at the airport (Sala Amica) and the P2 parking on the ground floor.
    - Malpensa Terminal 1: parking recommended for location and accessibility is the parking P2, where you can also activate the free service at the airport (Sala Amica).
    - Malpensa Terminal 2 parking recommended for location and accessibility is the P5 car park, where you can also activate the free service at the airport (Sala Amica).
    - Bergamo Orio al Serio: reserved parking spaces, indicated through  barriers, are prsent at the P1H car park, inside the P1 car park and uncovered parking spaces bordered by yellow lines inside the P2 parking lot. There are free car stops within the area dedicated to the disabled in the P1H car park, as well as the stalls discovered inside the P2 parking lot. Stops are also reserved for the disabled at  P3 uncovered car park.

    To take advantage of the free parking the disabled person must register on arrival in the parking lot chosen, at the manned toll operator with exhibiting the following documentation:
    - Mark the disabled valid
    - Identity document of the disabled
    - Travel document

    Location speaker manned:
    - Linate: inside the airport, the arrivals level near the offices of the car.
    - Malpensa Terminal 1: inside the airport, the arrivals level near the gate 6.
    - Malpensa Terminal 2: lnside the airport, arrivals level.
    - Bergamo: outside the airport.

    Onthe parked the car you can leave in view also the only copy of the mark.

  • When I arrive at the disabled persons' car park, how can I contact the Sala Amica to receive assistance?
    Inside parking airports Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa are the telephones to contact the Sala Amica:
    - At Malpensa Terminal 1, in the parking lot P2 near the stalls dedicated
    - In Milan Malpensa Terminal 2 the manned cash desks are located inside the airport in the arrivals area. Parking referring to this case is the P5 discovered.
    - At Linate, the P1 car park near the area of the stalls dedicated disabled
    - In Bergamo Orio al Serio is located in front of the parking area for short term parking, in the covered area. The "Sala Amica" free service can also be contacted, free of charge, from the parking lot of the P1, as well as from the call totem located at the cash machine at the entrance to the P2.
  • For further information?
    For more information call 02/232323.
  • I have made a purchase online but I have doubts, who can I contact?

    For information and assistance contact the following number (+39) 02 232 323 from 6:00 to 23:00 or use the twitter channel @MiAirports  from 9:00 to 17:00.
    For questions regarding the electronic ticket generated by the purchase, you can send an e-mail

  • Are Parkings under video surveillance?
    The car parks are monitored by video surveillance 24 hours a 24 at the crossing points of entry and exit. The car parks are not guarded.
  • Are there covered parking at Bergamo Orio al Serio?
    Yes, both the P2, located on the side of the terminal, and the P3 are constituted by a covered area.
  • How can i pay?
    Tickets can be purchased on ViaMilano Parking e-shop.
    For those unwilling to buy in advance, they can pay the amount of the parking to the manned Cash Desks. Credit Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron. They do not accept any prepaid cards, American Express, ATM and Bancoposta.
    For further information please call (+39) 02 232323.
  • Are there parking agreements with tour operators?
    Passengers traveling with charter flights are entitled to a special rate at our car parks. To accede to the Convention is necessary to present the guy in the chest sheet convened by its tour operators. In cases of failure to submit that document, the passenger will be charged as standard.
  • There are parking spaces for the disabled at Orio al Serio airport?

    There are reserved for users with disabilities parking spaces marked with appropriate signs at the parking terminal P2.
    They are free of charge by presentation of the entrance, at the cashier parking, in addition to the entry ticket to the parking lot, the following documentation:

    • identity card;
    • window sticker certifying the authorization for transit and parking disabled, ex art. 188 Highway Code;
    • for more than 6 hours stops, ticket or booking flight on departure.

    Users without the required documentation will be required to pay the rest at the applicable rate.